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Experts in medical debt recovery

A professional medical debt recovery company, Credit Tel International has extensive experience of collecting accounts from insurance, emabssy and medico legal; working exclusively with private hospitals, clinics, dentists and consultants for over 15 years.

Our success is based on making professional contact with your patients (insurance, medico legal, embassy, and probate) by letter, telephone, and even personal visits. We also provide monthly reports on the current situation with unpaid accounts.

Our service

When collecting your problem accounts, Credit Tel’s approach is tactful and diplomatic. Our request for payment is taken very seriously as non payers’ details can be exchanged with Equifax credit reference agency. Our service is regularly used by the health sector, to:

  • Dramatically reduce bad debt
  • Speed up payments
  • Improve cash flow

We achieve the above by:

  • Delivering a personal service based on your needs
  • Being available to self-payers ‘out of hours’
  • Negotiating with health insurers to collect optimal fees
  • Carrying out weekly Embassy runs in person (in the case of overseas patients)

We are committed to recovering problem accounts and our mac makeup wholesale service has many benefits. For example, we offer an ‘out of hours’ service; working evenings and weekends to recover payments, we accept credit and debit cards over the telephone, and we use EDI to ensure fast secure direct settlement of all insurance bills. These benefits mean that we allow your patients, both in mainland Britain and overseas, to settle their debt simply and swiftly.

We also offer a pre-payment service

Prevention is better than cure. By offering a pre-payment service, cleared funds are often in place before the consultation, surgery or procedures even take place. You also have the added benefit of knowing that the patient will be more likely to turn up for their appointment having paid for it.

Embassy accounts

Weekly meetings are held at KHO and UAE Embassy offices to ensure older Embassy accounts are not written off.


Credit Tel International has established close links with insurance companies that enable us to facilitate problem claims. All our work is conducted to the highest professional standards, with absolute confidentiality.

uccess No Fee免>

There is no need to 'write off' money for treatments and consultations. Use our 'No Success No Fee' specialist medical debt recovery service to settle your problem accounts. We do not charge a commission fee for unsuccessful debt collection.

Get in touch

To use this service we simply need a copy of the account(s) outstanding, along with your written instruction to recover any problem accounts. For further details please use the contact details below.

Credit Tel Internernational, PO Box 563A, Surbiton, SURREY, KT7 OWA, United Kingdom
Tel +44 (0)20 8398 9555 - Fax +44 (0)20 8398 7831 - Email